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Flat Fee Financial Planner in Alabama and Georgia&#160;<br/>

Flat Fee Financial Planner in Alabama and Georgia 

We are an independent, flat-fee financial planning firm serving employees and owners of local companies in these states and around the country

What We Provide

What We Provide

  • Align your financial choices with your most deeply held values.
  • Get your entire financial house in order and keep it that way.
  • Maximum confidence so that no matter what happens in the markets or the economy, you will achieve your goals.

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Do you have a significant financial issue that that has long-term consequences? We specialize in helping individuals, couples, and families work through a difficult or complex financial issue with a process that is focused and positive.

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How We Deliver For Our Clients


Are the different areas of your personal financial life coordinated? Do the professionals you work with (CPA, Attorney, Insurance, etc.) even know each other? Your life will be better when they work together.


Are there holes in your financial house you could drive a truck through? We use a checklist process to ensure your entire financial house gets in order and stays in order.


When your financial affairs are professionally coordinated, consolidated, and comprehensive you can focus your time on things more important to you. How do you feel about your life being simpler?


Who is holding the professionals in your life accountable to your overarching financial strategy? Are you ready to be accountable to get your financial house in order?


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