Is Kerns Wealth Management an Independent firm?

Yes. The firm is independent and solely owned by Ed Kerns. We maintain no relationship or affiliations with any broker-dealer, bank or insurance company. Our model is to strategically outsource important, back-office functions (administrative tasks, trading, portfolio management, investment committee) to bring our clients investment innovation, technology, efficiency, and expertise. We do this in order to concentrate on what we do best: providing our clients expert and holistic financial planning advice.

As an independent financial advisor, our legal and ethical fiduciary duty requires us to regularly evaluate potential partners to determine if they might offer back-office services and solutions that can enhance the financial advice that we provide.

After extensive due diligence, we chose to hire Buckingham Strategic Partners, a St. Louis, MO based financial services firm that has been providing back-office tools and solutions to independent financial advisors since 1990. Working with an institution like Buckingham Strategic Partners provides additional services, support, enhanced resources, and a true team approach for the wealth advisory services we offer.