Why do you specialize in working with executive women?

The executive women we serve often have unique challenges and opportunities that affect their financial planning. Here are a few scenarios that exemplify common situations affecting our clients:

  • Her success has typically allowed for a higher income, new career opportunities and different life choices. This can require more sophisticated and thorough financial planning to achieve important life goals. Earning a high income alone, however, is no guarantee of accomplishing long-term financial objectives.
  • She’s often the primary bread-winner, if not the sole bread-winner in her home. For those who are married, this can impact family dynamics in terms of how financial decisions are made for the family. And for those who are single, earning a high income or exploring new career opportunities can be quite burdensome when having to make big financial decisions alone.
  • Her compensation often includes a benefit package [i.e., pension, stock options, restricted stock (RS), restricted stock units (RSU), employee stock purchase plan (ESPP)] which is necessary to coordinate with her overall financial planning.
  • In the event of divorce, retirement savings such as pensions, 401k, etc. are often considered marital assets. It’s critical to know how to divide these types of assets equitably. Lacking competent financial advice during divorce proceedings can exacerbate the pain of divorce.
  • A career transition, to a new job or into semi or full retirement, can be an exciting time. But, it can also be emotional and challenging to sort through and prioritize all the decisions that need to be made with so much at stake. It’s critical to make these decisions in the context of your overall life goals and financial plan.