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The Initial Client Meeting

The Initial Client Meeting

Upon scheduling your appointment, we'll request two things:

1) If you're married, both spouses attend

2) Bring all your financial documents

Our initial meeting follows this process:

  • We inform you that we record all our meetings to ensure we never miss anything.
  • We facilitate a discussion designed to discover what's important about money to you.
  • We'll explore the tangible goals you have that will require money and planning to achieve.
  • We'll benchmark your current financial reality.

We'll spend about an hour together, and the result of this meeting is often a breakthrough of clarity around the big picture which makes the next steps you should take obvious.

Process Through the Year

Process Through the Year

Building on all we learned about you in our initial meeting, we create a comprehensive written lifetime financial strategy that optimizes your investments, taxes, estate and goal planning giving you confidence and peace of mind about the future.

We follow a 150+ point checklist system throughout the year which covers all areas of personal financial planning. This process allows us to maintain a high standard of attention, proactivity, and coordination in both creating and maintaining your long-term financial strategy.