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You’re an executive woman who’s been successful in her career. What an accomplishment! This achievement alone sets you apart. But how do you make the fruits of your labor last, so you can realize the dreams you have for your family, yourself, and the causes you care about?

How you choose to invest your money for the long-term could have major implications for your overall success. “You Made It! Now Make It Last...” is a tool that guides you as an investor, through the many important questions and decisions you face about your future.

In clear, concise language, you’ll find confidence-boosting information on topics like:

  • What derails investment success for both men and women?
  • How do you demystify the financial markets?
  • Is trusting your gut a good investment strategy?
  • How do you grow and protect your money?
  • How do you invest your money, so it will last through retirement?
  • How do you hire a financial professional that will work in your best interest?

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You Made It! Now Make It Last... Evidence-based investing: The Clear Choice for Women Investors is a quick read with timeless benefits.

You Made It! Now Make It Last...