01. Focus on Highest Priority

We focus on the big picture and your highest priorities first. Our session clarifies, prioritizes, and simplifies even the most complex situations, which is why many choose to sit down with me just before meeting with other Financial Advisors. 

02. Clarity Around the Big Picture

Clients often walk into our office obsessing over a big financial decision and they walk out about an hour later smiling because they've had a breakthrough of clarity. 

03. Relief in Having a Path Forward

Often there's a bigger issue that creates crystal clarity which allows clients to see the best action to take next. Now they can confidently make decisions and move forward with the issue.

We are the only independent and conflict free firm in town that specializes in helping people who are dealing with a Significant Financial issue. We focus exclusively on that issue until there’s a breakthrough of clarity and you know precisely what to do next.



The process is brief, focused, and positive. Most people find it enjoyable.

  • You’ll book a time to come in and discuss your significant financial issue.
  • We’ll meet for about an hour.
  • You’ll walk out with a breakthrough of clarity around the big picture which makes the next steps obvious.
  • You’ll then be able to go back to your existing financial professional, family members, or other professional, and share the specific “next steps” you feel are best for you.